PAINTED LUMINISM historically has been a term that has meant constructing a two dimensional illuminated world from the observed natural world in which light is a significant feature.

This style of creative painting began to take hold as a characteristic of the nineteenth century American School of painting and was projected throughout the latter part of the eighteen hundreds by a host of famous American painters, notably Gifford, Fredrich Kensett, J. Martin Heade, and William Trost Richards to name just a few.

Luminism as a style refers to the light which the painted scene exudes on canvas.

Scott Cameron, has employed luminist techniques in the majority of his works for twenty-five years and portrays both landscape as well as maritime scenes in which light and its effects on the subjects rendered becomes the central theme.

Scott’s work has the tightness and subtle ‘glow’ that only an experienced painter can achieve. He paints exclusively on canvas that has been meticulously prepared and then employs oil paint in the traditional ‘Dutch’ master style of thin emulsion overlay.

This is a style of painting construction that insures longevity and fine detail that few other artists painting today offer. His working time generally is not measured in days but in months and in some cases years. Drying times between layers of oil are paramount in achieving the luminosity and depth of color that is created by the intricate weaving of thinly painted brushstrokes so prevalent in the artist’s work.

Scott Cameron is a nationally recognized artist with many links to other sites and galleries as well as to auction houses. His work was featured in the art magazine AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR in June of 2006 and since then his paintings have greatly increased in value.

Within these last two years the artist has drawn the attention of Christie’s Auction House in New York which has successfully auctioned two of the artist’s luminist maritime scenes, garnering a 20% increase in the valuation of his work and setting a benchmark in the process.

The artist presently displays his paintings at The Granary Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, Mystic Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, Greenwich Workshop Gallery in Fairfield Connecticut, The Newman Saunders Gallery in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and at McBride Gallery in Annapolis Maryland. You may choose to go to those sites for a further glimpse of what work is available beyond what the artist is offering from his present inventory.

The artist also publishes several prints of his work. Please see our print section for availability and pricing.

Commissions: The artist regularly completes three to four commission paintings per year evenly divided between landscape and maritime subjects. The exciting thing about commissioning a painting is in the preparatory sketches that become in most cases the added property of the client thus greatly increasing the valuation of the painting.

Valuation: Scott Cameron is an eminently collectable artist. The artist has demonstrated an ability to return real and substantial value to his clientele that has been underscored by several auction sales. He has been collected by over ninety corporations including DuPont, Wilmington Trust Bank, MBNA/Bank of America.

The work he does, both the landscape paintings and his historic maritime paintings have found their way into many boardrooms, executive offices and law offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

At sixty-two, the artist has just come into his own and is producing quality images he feels best exemplifies his style and interests.

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